The MBOX to PST Converter that’ll solve all your problems!

The thing everyone looks for in a third-party software is that it’ll solve all of its problems. Same is the case with a third-party email converter tool. Everybody wants a converter tool that can convert, retain everything and is precise and easy to operate.

Well, these were just a dream until USL Software came out with the ultimate converter tool, Mail Extractor Pro.

MBOX to PST Converter

It can convert MBOX, Postbox, Thunderbird and Apple Mail to Outlook supported *.pst file format.

The ultimate MBOX to PST Converter

Mail Extractor Pro is not your ordinary third-party MBOX to PST Converter. The tool stands out of an overcrowded market place for a reason. And that reason is the exceptional combination of features that the tool has to offer.

With a wide range of features that click together perfectly, this MBOX to PST Converter answers all your questions. It is a result of years of research and development. It not only solves the problems faced by previous MBOX to PST Converter but also can solve problems that can arise in the future. With best in class features and the leaders name behind it, the tool has raced to the top of the recommendation charts.

Convert anything with this MBOX to PST Converter

When a tool claims to be the best in the business then it needs to back it up too. If you don’t back it up it is nothing more than a rant. Well, Mail Extractor Pro is more than just a rant.

This means that there is no other MBOX to PST Converter in the market that offers you the level of accuracy that Mail Extractor Pro does.

The tool converts each bit of data present in the input file. Be it anything or any type, it doesn’t matter to this MBOX Converter. Best thing about this converter is that, it not only converts everything but also maintains its authenticity. That means, that nothing about the data is changed on any level. It’s all the same just in a different format.

Adding to this, the tool solves the long over-going problem of conversion of Unicode content. Unicode contains all your non-English data and therefore, is a little complex to convert. All the attachments, calendar data etc. comes under Unicode. Many MBOX to PST Converters in past have failed here but not Mail Extractor Pro. The tool converts it all with the same ease thus, giving you a complete conversion process.

And the speed of this MBOX to PST Converter will blow you away

The Mail extractor Pro is able to work at high speeds to save your time and effort. Where most converter tools tend to overlook the speed of the conversion process, Mail Extractor Pro doesn’t. The tool takes care of the fact that you don’t have to sit in front of a computer screen just waiting for the conversion process to get completed.

It follows the approach of Bulk MBOX to PST Conversion to get that kind of speed. With the bulk convert feature you are able to choose multiple files and items. And once selected the tool converts it all in a single go. These files are converted with the same efficiency and there is no compromise on the quality of conversion.

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